The Fanm Kreyol, Inc. Story

Fanm Kreyol, Inc. is a professional non-profit service orientated sisterhood organization founded at the University of South Florida. Fanm Kreyol, Inc. was founded based upon the vision of Marie Grandoit and Ruth Georges. After observing the lack of recognition, appreciation and unity among Haitian women, they founded Fanm Kreyol, Inc. to empower and unify. The organization seeks to promote women in leadership and highlight the importance of education.

After many trials and tribulation on March 2nd, 2008 Fanm Kreyol, Inc. was founded at the University of South Florida with the founding six members: Claire St. Hillaire, Garilynn Sincere, Genevieve Guillaume, Miscaline Frenot, Nadine Nonor, and Nerli Coulanges. With a promising future in mind, the founders instilled the mission, pillars and purpose of Fanm Kreyol, Inc. Fanm Kreyol, Inc. strives to create a positive movement through empowering Haitian women, community enrichment and civic engagement. With a network of professional and educated women, the possibilities of action are endless.

The organization is working hard for Haitian women not only in the United States but also in Haiti. Fanm Kreyol, Inc. wants to be the voice for Haitian women and believes through education, discipline and drive the possibilities are limitless. The sisters of Fanm Kreyol, Inc. understand that they are not only Haitian women but are Fanm Kreyol and should always strive for success and to give back to their community.

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